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Process for Commercial Fire Restoration

6/1/2020 (Permalink)

Atlanta building on fire before restoration We are fast responders to any size disaster!

How to prepare for commercial fire damage in Atlanta 

Preparing for a fire is not something that most Atlanta residents plan for. When it comes to commercial fire damage multiple units are likely to be affected. The best way to plan for a fire is to communicate with the property manager on what the best steps are when a fire occurs. SERVPRO offers a free service called an ERP (Emergency ready plan) for all of the Atlanta commercial buildings. It is most likely that your property manager knows who to call and where all the main shut off valves are located. SERVPRO of South Cobb wants to ensure the safety of all residents in a fire. If you hear a fire alarm or smell smoke the best thing to do is to leave the premises as quickly as possible. 

The difference between restoring vs. replacing

 At SERVPRO we know that residents have roughly 48 hours to make a decision on how they can best handle the fire loss situation. We suggest that if a fire happens that you call us as quickly as possible to ensure that your belongings are safe. When we arrive at a fire damage job we will provide smoke and soot removal. As well, we will take your Atlanta apartment contents to restore them back to preloss conditions if possible. Not all contents that are lost in a fire are restorable but we promise to always try our best and remove any smoke and soot from your furniture.

What an Atlanta Resident should expect from us after fire damage occurs 

We always respond quickly

One Hour: Within an hour of contacting SERVPRO you can guarantee that you will receive a call back from one of our highly trained office staff to fully understand how we can best respond to your fire damage. 

Four Hours: Within four hours of loss notification, there will be a crew on-site at your property. We want you to be aware that in larger commercial fire losses there might be other restoration companies looking for work. We are typically the first responder but if you have to question, make sure you ask your property manager who they called. 

Eight Hours: Within eight hours of on-site arrival, certified technicians will be working on both the fire and water damage loss at your property. When there is a fire there is likely always going to be a water loss as well because the Atlanta Fire Department has to put out the fire with water and other agents. We will start to scope out your property and see if any windows need to be boarded or if we can effectively remove anything that is salvageable. 

The following day:  The following day you can expect a project manager to come with a larger crew to ensure that we are removing all of the damaged materials that are not salvageable. During this period we will also start scoping the site in seeing what we will efficiently dry, clean, restore, and deodorize. 

Detailed Explanation: A trained IICRC certified technician will walk you through the job process step-by-step. Our goal is to make sure that all parties that are affected by fire damage have their questions answered. We will be explaining what to expect during the fire restoration process and the anticipated outcome. Fire damage is going to take some time; we will work with your insurance company to make sure that you are properly taken care of. All of our SERVPRO staff has been trained to give highly detailed estimates to ensure the most out of your fire loss.  We then use restoration techniques to put your home back to normal in the told time frame.

Final Walk-through: After the work has been completed, a final walk-through will be conducted with the same team that you met when that initial call occurred. We want our customers to be satisfied with the work that we provide. 

If you have any questions or concerns during or after a fire loss please reach out to a staff member at SERVPRO of South Cobb at (770) 739-2355. We are available 24/7 and stand behind our name with integrity. 

How to Stop a Grease Fire: Three Fire Safety Tips

5/11/2020 (Permalink)

Use baking soda to put out grease fires Pour Baking Soda/Salt onto the Flames

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), between 2012 and 2016, cooking fires were the number one cause of home fires in the US at 48% of total home fires; a pretty scary number given there were almost 200,000 home fires reported during this same period. With this number in mind, a grease fire started over half of these cooking-related home fires. It’s essential to understand how to extinguish a grease fire safely properly. When trying to put out a grease fire, the wrong way can result in a severe disaster. 

Grease fires can combust immediately, you can be frying food in a pan, and a bit of smoke may start coming off of the oil, and the next thing you know, the oil has burst into flames. The first thing you should do immediately is turn off the range or heat source that could potentially make things worse. DO NOT try to move or slide the pot or pan with the flaming oil. Splashes of the oil can quickly spread around the kitchen and spread the fire this way. 

Three safe ways to extinguish a grease fire

Use a Fire Extinguisher (Class B)

It’s essential to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen for scenarios like this, but it’s also important to make sure you have the right type of fire extinguisher to put out a grease fire. You should aim to have a Class B fire extinguisher or a multi-purpose one that includes Class B. This type of extinguisher is designed for flammable liquids and will best extinguish the flame if you have quick access to one. 

Cover Flame with a Metal Pan or Sheet

The key to putting out a fire is to cut off its oxygen source. Covering the flames with a metal baking sheet, lid, pot, or pan can allow the flame to burn out safely. Do not use plastic or glass for this as the heat from a grease fire is hot enough to melt or crack these materials.

Pour Baking Soda/Salt onto the Flames

Another quick way to smother the flames of a grease fire is by pouring a large enough amount of either salt or baking soda onto the fire. These common kitchen ingredients won’t combust and can safely extinguish the flames. Please note to never use flour or baking powder for this; these are combustible if dumped onto the fire and will only make the fire larger or spread it. 

Following all of these three steps can drastically reduce the odds of a grease fire occurring in your home. However, fires aren't always preventable. In the event you have a fire in your kitchen, please give SERVPRO of South Cobb a call anytime at (770) 739-2355. Our IICRC trained professionals are here to help you, 24/7.

How to Prevent Kitchen Fires in Smyrna, Georgia

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen grease fire  In the event your home has suffered from a kitchen fire, please call (770) 739-2355.

A good number of household fires begin in the kitchen as there are many potential fire hazards present in the average kitchen. Kitchen fires can be hard to deal with, especially in the event of a grease fire, which can very quickly escalate out of control into a large fire, endangering life and property. Luckily, the fire and smoke damage restoration experts here at SERVPRO are specially trained to help repair fire and smoke damage after a fire occurs. While you can’t get rid of every potential fire hazard in your kitchen, there are some pretty easy ways to help prevent a fire from occurring: 

Keeping your kitchen appliances clean and in good working conditions can help prevent a fire from starting up over the combustion of food and grease buildup. Your toaster is a good example of something that many people don’t think to clean often enough. Be sure to dump the bottom tray of your toaster out every now and then to remove the build-up of dry bread crumbs. Over time these may build up and combust during use leading to a kitchen fire. 

Another simple step to preventing a fire is to unplug kitchen appliances that do not need to be plugged in when you’re not using them. Older appliances with faulty wiring may burst into flames leading to smoke and fire damage even if you’re not using them. 

Keeping proper safety equipment ready around your home is another step you can take to help yourself in the event of a small fire. Smoke detectors should be kept relatively close to your kitchen, not too close to be easily set off by cooking smoke, but close enough to detect smoke that could indicate a fire. The batteries should be tested monthly to ensure that everything works as you never know when a fire could happen. Fire extinguishers are also an extremely important item to keep in your kitchen to help put out a fire on the spot before it gets out of control.

While cooking there are some steps you can take to prevent accidental fire, especially a grease fire. Do not overfill pots and pans with oil and grease. While you might not think about it, the buildup of grease and cooking oil on the surface of your stove is extremely flammable and if not cleaned up properly, may lead to a sudden grease fire while cooking. It’s also important while cooking to keep yourself safe by keeping your hair up, sleeves pulled up, and not wearing clothing that is too loose as to possibly catch fire. Keep things like dry rags and paper towels away from the stove while cooking and don’t leave burners on if you aren’t using them. 

The final way to help prevent a kitchen fire is to never leave food unattended while cooking. This might seem like common sense, but leaving anything unattended in the kitchen is a potential disaster waiting to happen. Keep an eye on your food until you’re finished cooking and keep the area around your cooking space clean.

Following all of these steps can drastically reduce the odds of a kitchen fire occurring in your home, however, fires can’t always be prevented. In the event you have a fire in your kitchen, please give SERVPRO of South Cobb a call anytime at (770) 739-2355. Our IICRC trained professionals are here to help you 24/7.

The Chemistry Behind Fire

4/29/2020 (Permalink)

Flame You can reach our experienced emergency response team anytime by calling (770) 739-2355.

In order to understand SERVPRO’s fire damage restoration services, we should understand the process of fire itself. Fire occurring is due to the oxidation of something during the exothermic chemical process. Essentially, that means that when oxygen fuels, combustion, heat, and light are produced, which is what you see and feel as a result. While most of us aren’t chemists and haven’t been in a chemistry class in years, we can recall some knowledge of elements and compounds to understand fire better. The flame itself occurs during the ignition point, which is a part of the combustion reaction. The flame, however, is only the visible part of the fire itself. The flames are a combination of not only oxygen but also nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. A variety of temperatures and colors of the flames are produced depending on the circumstances. Different materials can burn hotter, and some can create flames that may be blue in color. 

Fire damage is a hazard to life, once the reaction creates spreadable flames. Of course, we understand that it burns and spreads. However, there are other dangerous aspects of fire itself. For one, it can create pollution because certain things, when burned, can put chemicals into the air. Plastic, for example, isn’t something that can be burned safely. Forest fires can threaten the nutrition in the soil, which can prevent a forest from growing back easily. Fires cause permanent damage.

Though fires are helpful, used to benefit the growth of society since the beginning of time, there are a lot of boundaries between it being helpful and destructive. For light and warmth, we use it in many ways, but the moment we lose control of it, it threatens the well-being of our homes and belongings and lives.

Fire damage is important to take seriously since the lingering effects of fire can harm our bodies, homes, and material possessions. In case of fire damage, immediately contact a restoration company such as SERVPRO of South Cobb at (770) 739-2355  to limit damaging after-effects of the chemical process that we just learned about. Our IICRC trained professionals are ready to restore your property “Like it never even happened.”

The Lingering Effects of Fire Damage in Your Smyrna Home

4/29/2020 (Permalink)

Home Fire Damage With even smaller fires, smoke and soot damages are a typical lingering effect.

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Return Your Home to its Pre-Loss Condition

Your Smyrna home might not be devastated by the recent fire, but there are still going to be lingering symptoms that make it difficult to live comfortably. With so many things that could hinder your family from moving on from the panic and trauma of the event, professional restoration services become the most expedient and efficient method for resolving the damage quickly and thoroughly. 

When SERVPRO claims to be “Faster to any size disaster,” that is not just a catchphrase used to draw attention. It is a commitment to your Smyrna Homes fire damage and any other need for restorative services that you might have. Our team can walk you through the damage and each step of the total restoration process until every affected aspect of your home gets successfully returned to preloss conditions. 

With even smaller fires, smoke and soot damages are a typical lingering effect. While this might often affect the walls, floors, and ceilings of the rooms that experienced the blaze, correcting this problem is often more involved than simple cleaning measures can achieve. Depending on the severity of the present soot and smoke damages, our SERVPRO professionals have the equipment to scrub affected surfaces with a wet solution and without one. This penetrating scrubber can often successfully remove the soot and restore the damage, but more severely damaged areas might only be readied for priming and painting to complete. The same equipment gets used for the contents of your home that have gotten impacted by the smoke and soot as well, such as furniture, carpeting, drapery, and more. 

When people think of fires they might have experienced in their homes in the past, the one thing that people tend to remember is the lingering scent. The noxious odor can make it difficult to stay in your home at all, let alone pass through affected areas. Foggers can be used by our SERVPRO team to alter foul odor molecules and neutralize them on contact chemically. The process leaves no scent in the air after completion and is also effective for fabrics and contents in your home. 

Even a small fire in your home is a big deal to you and your family. Trust our SERVPRO of South Cobb team to help you restore the fire damage and live comfortably in your house once again. You can reach our experienced emergency response team anytime by calling (770) 739-2355.

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Home Fire Evacuation Plan: What to do Before and After the Fire

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire Do not forget your pets!!

An important part of fire safety is knowing what to do when a fire happens. For this reason, a home fire evacuation plan is a great thing to have. In the event of a sudden fire, an evacuation needs to happen quickly and efficiently while leaving as few important things behind as possible and knowing where to go. Once you are able to escape home or business that is in flames and alert authorities, your next step should be to contact a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO of South Cobb so that our professional technicians can begin the fire damage restoration process. 

Here’s what you need to do before, during, and after the fire. 

Before Evacuating

It is important to prepare properly in order to evacuate effectively. A few things you can do to prepare for a fire evacuation is to create a disaster relief kit or a go-bag. This will contain any essentials that you would need in case you had to up and leave in case of an emergency. Good things to also put in this bag would be extra cash, clothing, emergency health information, and some plastic bags to keep sensitive items safe. Having a go-bag ready to go in case of emergency can make keeping a level head in an emergent situation much easier while helping keep you safe. 

It is important that everyone in the household is also on the same page in the event of fire damage. Everyone should have the same meetup location such as a neighbors house in case everyone has to leave in a hurry. In the event that a fire is large enough to affect multiple homes or a large area, it is good to also have a meeting location in several directions. 

During an Evacuation 

It is important to already know what to do in the event of a fire so that you can make decisions to best keep you and your loved ones safe. It is important you maintain clear communication with everyone in your home in the event of a fire; power lines may be down or phones may not be working in some situations or others may not be able to get to you. It’s important to listen to important updates from the news and authorities that are keeping up with the situation. 

Do not forget your pets and try to keep them in a place they’re accessible so that you can easily retrieve them should you need to evacuate your property.

After an Evacuation

It’s important to wait to inspect your property after a fire until after you are permitted to do so by authorities. Once you are allowed back within the distance of your home or business, your next step should be to contact a professional fire damage restoration company. SERVPRO of South Cobb is ready and available for fire damage restoration and will immediately lend aid to the recovery process. Experiencing this kind of scenario can be extremely frightening and overwhelming. Leave it to the professionals here at SERVPRO to help you restore your home from smoke and fire damage at (770)-739-2355

How Does Smoke Affect the Body?

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke filled lungs Smoke inhalation irritates the respiratory tract lining which can result in the collapse of the airway.

Inside smoke from a fire their are several chemical irritants, such as chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur dioxide. Smoke inhalation irritates the respiratory tract lining which can result in the collapse of the airway. Some people are more prone to bodily damage from smoke. Older adults may have weaker internal organs which can be harmed quicker from smoke inhalation. Because children and teenagers’ bodies are still developing, smoke can affect them more intensely than a fully developed adult. Anyone with heart or lung disease or diabetes can have their conditions be triggered by smoke damage, resulting in a stroke or heart attack. Pregnant women are at danger themselves due to the changes in their bodies, but the fetus can also be heavily affected, preventing normal development stages from occurring.

Smoke first affects anyone inhaling it by burning the eyes, making the nose runny, inducing coughing and wheezing. If chest pain or fatigue occurs there might be more severe damage being experienced, and people with such symptoms need to be removed from the room or building as quickly as possible to prevent fainting or cardiac arrest.

Even a strong, fully developed adult can be at risk for severe damage due to the chemicals in the air as mentioned before. This is why firefighters wear masks when entering a burning building, and why it is not recommended to attempt to save anyone without the proper gear. Carbon monoxide poisoning first causes the person to faint and then continues to enter the body until it has shut down the function of the major organs, killing them after they’ve gone unconscious.

This is important information to know in case of a fire in your home. While your natural instinct may be to save other people within the home, staying any longer within a burning building can cause unseen damage. Immediately call the fire department and exit the building. They have the gear to enter and exit in a safe manner while keeping everyone affected by a fire safe.

While the most important consideration following a fire is the safety of the family when it is time to repair the damage, hire your local SERVPRO. Firefighters respond to a fire currently in progress, and SERVPRO of South Cobb responds to everything that follows.

Putting Out Small Interior Fires

1/27/2020 (Permalink)

A blue stove top flame with a black background. Things we use on a daily basis could lead to disaster.

The source of each individual fire changes the way the fire must be dealt with. Small fires, which are usually started by cooking or electrical outlets, can usually be put out by an individual. In case you experience a small fire within your home, office, or building, here is the way to deal with each type of fire.

Electrical fires occur due to dysfunctional or misused electrical outlets, cords, and appliances. If the fire is due to a broken cord, pour baking soda on the cord. Fires caused by outlets or appliances can be put out with a Class C fire extinguisher. It’s important that you never use water on an electrical fire due to the possibility of being shocked as a result.

Fireplace fires are not dangerous since they’re in a contained area, but if you no longer need the fire to be going you should put it out before leaving or going to sleep. In order to put out a fireplace fire, poke at the wood and cover the coals in order to take away the fuel for the fire. In addition, you may use baking soda to put it out by sprinkling some on the fire.

Cooking or gas fires can be stopped by placing a lid over the pot to stop oxygen from reaching the fire. Turn off the gas supply to stop it from spreading. Fire blankets work well for these situations.

If a small fire occurs in your home, office, or building, call your local  SERVPRO of South Cobb at (770) 739-2355. SERVPRO of South Cobb has professionals who know how to remove smoke damage and make the area affected by the fire look “Like it never even happened.”

Learn How to Prevent House Fires with These 5 Tips

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Firefighters attempt to put out a blazing fire. Firefighters attempt to put out a blazing fire.

Your home is a safe and sacred place for you and your family to spend time together and build memories to last a lifetime. With such an important role in your life and the lives of your loved ones, it’s hard to imagine losing your home. Unfortunately, many families lose their homes to fires every year. Even worse, in many cases, house fires are entirely preventable when the proper protective steps are taken. Thankfully, for those wondering how to prevent house fires, getting equipped with the right fire safety information and by following helpful fire prevention tips, there are quick and easy steps to take. Use the following fire safety facts to keep making unforgettable memories in your home.

Fire Prevention Tip #1: Test Smoke Alarms

Likely not a big surprise to anyone wondering how to prevent house fires, one of the most important fire prevention tips to follow is to regularly test all smoke alarms in the home. Smoke alarms are crucial in the event of a fire, as they immediately alert everyone in the house that a fire is imminent or already underway by emitting a loud alarm once smoke is detected. A functioning smoke alarm not only allows you and your loved ones to get to safety, but they may also give you a greater chance of saving your home from irreparable damage by alerting you right away of the presence of a fire. Testing a smoke alarm is quick and easy, as every alarm features a small button that can be pressed to test if new batteries are needed. Be sure to read the full fire safety information that comes with the smoke alarms you purchase to ensure they are installed and used correctly.

Fire Prevention Tip #2: Don’t Leave Open Flames Unattended

House fires can occur in a matter of seconds and when you least expect it. Many house fires start quickly and without warning because of an unattended flame in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Those managing busy households in the evenings know that it’s easy to get distracted when being pulled in multiple directions. Helping kids with homework and straightening up messes all while also preparing dinner for the family can be incredibly dangerous. Taking your eyes off of cooking food even for a moment can have serious consequences in the form of a house fire. One of the most crucial fire prevention tips, be sure to always stay in the kitchen while preparing food and avoid any and all distractions. If you need to leave the kitchen even for just a minute, immediately turn off burners that are in use. Or, ask another member of the family to watch over the food until you return.

Another cause of many house fires are fireplaces. Among the fire safety facts to keep in mind is that it is easy for burning embers or sparks to escape a fireplace and land on flammable surfaces like the carpet or nearby furniture. When using the fireplace, make sure someone is always in the room watching over the fire. When putting out the fire, be sure that all ashes are completely cool before disposing of them.

Finally, another of the most important fire prevention tips to keep in mind is that candles should only be used with strict supervision. A best practice for how to prevent house fires, keep candles far away from anything that could potentially catch, such as curtains and blankets. If you’re using candles at night, be sure not to fall asleep before extinguishing the flame. If leaving the room for any length of time, blow the candle out.

Fire Prevention Tip #3: Regularly Clean Ovens and Stoves

Another of the most important fire prevention tips is to regularly clean ovens and stoves. An often overlooked piece of fire safety information, ovens and stoves pose a serious risk to safety when they are not properly tended to. Though likely on the family list of least favorite chores, cleaning ovens and stoves can help to prevent a potentially life-threatening house fire. Fires caused by ovens or stoves most often happen when food particles that have fallen off of dishes and cook wear get too hot and catch. After each use of your oven or stove, make sure to clean up any visible or particularly large pieces of food that have fallen while cooking. Follow this up with a deeper clean on a regular basis that involves reaching small spaces in and around burners, the surfaces on oven racks, and the oven floor where food often gathers.

Fire Prevention Tip #4: Check Your Dryer

Another of the more common sources of house fires to keep in mind when reviewing how to prevent house fires are clothes dryers. Fires can occur with dryers when lint and other debris collects in vents, gets too hot during the drying process, and subsequently catches on fire. To prevent house fires caused by dryers there are two important steps to take. First, follow the instructions and fire safety information provided during purchase of the dryer to be sure all vents are installed properly. Second, clean out the lint filter after each use. Following these fire prevention tips that only take a few seconds can save you and your family from experiencing a house fire.

Fire Prevention Tip #5: Maintain Cords

With an increasing dependence on electronics for many of our daily tasks, it’s not uncommon to always have something plugged into an outlet. Fire safety facts include the reality that the cords used to charge our electronics pose another risk for house fires. Among your list of fire prevention tips, be sure to include regularly checking the condition of cords, looking for damage such as exposed wires or frays. If any damage is noticed, stop using the cord right away and replace it immediately.

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration from SERVPRO

Even when paying close attention to fire safety facts and following fire prevention tips for your home, house fires still occur. In the event of a house fire, you want to enlist the help of professionals to help remove signs of fire damage and restore your home in like-new condition. SERVPRO of South Cobb is a nationally accredited and recognized brand with professionals highly experienced in fire damage repair and restoration. Our services can’t be beat, and we guarantee complete satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss what sets SERVPRO of South Cobb as a leader in the restoration industry.

Cleaning Is Key When Attending To Fire Damage Events In Atlanta

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Remediation services are mandatory after a fire damage incident if you want to salvage your items and prevent further damage.

Attending To Fire Damage

Remediation services are mandatory after a fire damage incident if you want to salvage your items and prevent further damage. Cleaning is part of the restoration process, and the goal is to break the bond that binds the dirt to the surfaces. Chemical action, mechanical action, lubrication, suspension, and dispersion are the significant cleaning actions which can help you dislodge different smoke particles when you face these challenges in Atlanta.

Our SERVPRO technicians usually use mechanical actions before carrying out other cleaning actions when attending to fire damage incidents in Atlanta. The procedure can dislodge non-greasy particles from surfaces before using solvent-based cleaning agents. If we want to make areas slippery during cleaning, then we can opt for lubrication. This procedure weakens the bond between the surface and the smoke residues.

In a few cases, it might be necessary to chemically alter the dirt adhering to surfaces through chemical actions when cleaning. For instance, we might use such procedures when removing oxidized stains from woolen fabrics. Dispersion and suspension are also useful cleaning procedures when cleaning areas with soil particles.

Another essential procedure that our SERVPRO technicians carry out is deodorization. The goal of this method is to remove odors from the building. The most significant challenge with the smells is that they do not come from the same source. We start by removing the materials causing the odor before we can spray the deodorants. After that, we can use detergents that have antimicrobial abilities to clean surfaces with odor-causing particles. Deodorants also sterilize surfaces and prevent the possibility of mold growth.

If move-outs are necessary to make the restoration process more efficient, our SERVPRO team is ready to do the work. Sometimes, move-outs can help in protecting your contents from potential damage during the remediation process. For instance, some materials may absorb moisture if there is high humidity in the area, so we move them out until dehumidification is complete.

At SERVPRO of Southwest Cobb / Cascade, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster whether fire, mold, storm or water-related. Call us at (770) 739-2355 industry proven services that you deserve.

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Restoring Your Fire Damaged Atlanta Home

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians have the experience and certified training to properly restore your home after fire damage.

Rely on SERVPRO to Fully Restore Your Home after Fire Damage “Like it Never Even Happened”

While your Atlanta home might still be standing after a fire, there are plenty of things that remain to make it difficult to live in the house. After a traumatic event like a blaze in your house, it can be difficult to know where to begin regarding putting everything back in order and restoring the damage. Fortunately, this is not a situation that you have to deal with on your own, and there are experienced and professional technicians waiting to help you through the entire process.

Fire damage to your Atlanta home is painful to witness, but it is even more difficult to recover from on your own. Appreciating your need for professional restoration services is the first step towards reclaiming your damaged home, and our SERVPRO experienced technicians have the expertise and equipment to restore your home to preloss conditions quickly.

When we arrive, an assessment must be done to determine the areas of damage that require the most immediate attention. In many cases, structural concerns like holes and broken windows must be boarded up or tarped over to prevent further elemental exposure through the restoration process. Keeping communication with you, our SERVPRO team can determine the lingering symptoms of the recent fire that affect you and your family the most.

In many cases of house fires, extinguishing efforts from local fire departments leave significant water damage that compounds on top of the present effects of the fire. To prevent more serious conditions like mold growth or weakening of load bearing components, water extraction and restoration is a priority for our technicians on site.

Smoke and soot damage are common symptoms to significant (and even minuscule) blazes, and cleaning your walls, ceilings, floors, and contents is an involved process that our professionals take very seriously. Depending on the severity of the soot and smoke damage, we use either wet cleaning scrubbers or dry scrubbers. Ideally, this process should either entirely restore the affected surfaces or prepare them for priming and painting.

Fire damage to your home is not something you have to face alone. Our SERVPRO of Southwest Cobb / Cascade emergency response team can handle any level of disaster. You can give our experienced restoration specialists a call 24/7 at (770) 739-2355.

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What To Expect From Our Atlanta Fire Damage Restoration Firm

12/18/2017 (Permalink)

Flames and Smoke Damage Homes In Atlanta--Call SERVPRO for Restoration and Cleanup

SERVPRO Provides Profession Fire & Smoke Abatement to Atlanta Properties

A house fire is a tragedy no one anticipates, so if you experience a blaze in your Atlanta home, you likely have little idea what the next steps are. Contacting a reputable fire damage restoration company immediately after the firefighters leave is the only course of action. We have the trained technicians, latest equipment, and years of experience in the business.
Phase one is a general safety check. Fire damage to your Atlanta home can destabilize floors, ceiling, steps, and walls, among other building structures. Chemicals and water used to knock down the flames leave areas slippery. Combustion of some materials like insulation and lead paints or asbestos on older walls, pipes, and siding may release volatile fumes or particulates that require the use of personal protective gear to work in the area safely. Our crew leaders have extensive experience in evaluating the risks a burned house present to both restorers and residents and develop a restoration plan with safety as a prime consideration.
Removing water and drying the structure is phase two. Water disintegrates materials made of cellulose, including wood, drywall, insulation, and many other building staples. Metal oxidizes, and secondary damage such as mold growth follows within 48 hours if water damage is not mitigated. Extraction of standing water and then drying with air movers and dehumidifiers starts before the soot and smoke cleanup begins. SERVPRO crews measure and monitor moisture levels as this step progresses.
The third phase is fire debris containment and cleanup. HVAC systems should be disabled to prevent further spread of ash and soot; SERVPRO may clean that system as one of the final steps if it shows contamination. Our crews assess the type of residues present and use the proper strategies, products, and tools to remove them. Light, friable ash and soot vacuum and dust off surfaces, while stickier coatings from electrical or cooking fires may need abrasive cleansers, scrubbers, and even solvents to loosen and remove.
Finally, after all surfaces, structures, and belongings are clean, restored, and repaired, SERVPRO’s deodorization experts employ different methods to eliminate the smoky, burned smell. We start by removing odoriferous items and cleaning surfaces. If needed, we seal porous surfaces to prevent residual odor particles from vaporizing. As last resorts, we employ technologies like thermal fogging and hydroxyl generation to create odor neutralization particles that seek out and chemically change the odor-bearing particulates in the air, on surfaces, and within crevices.
The team SERVPRO of Southwest Cobb / Cascade is fully equipped, experienced, and trained to restore your fire-damaged home. Call us at (770) 739-2355 as soon as the authorities permit inspection for restoration.

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