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4 Great Reasons Why A Dryer Is Leaking Water

12/29/2021 (Permalink)

A stacked washer and dryer system Contact the professionals at SERVPRO for quality water mitigation services!

Most common household dryers will last for ten years or more.

The professionals at SERVPRO of South Cobb receive hundreds of water damage calls each year, and a dryer leaking water always causes a few. For example, a leaky dryer can leave leaks around the door seals and puddles on the floor surrounding the dryer.

The following blog post will cover four causes of dryer leaks. Be sure to read until the end to find out how the professionals at SERVPRO help property owners combat water damage and restore a property to its pre-disaster condition.

How to detect a dryer leak?

The best way to detect a dryer water leak will be through a quick water damage assessment:

  • Visually check for puddling
  • The smell of musty odors
  • Listen for any strange noises
  • Utilize a moisture meter to check the drywall surrounding the dryer

Any dryer that malfunctions can cause water damage to your home's sheetrock, flooring, and drywall surrounding the dryer.

Dryer leaking water cause #1 - Stacked washer & dryer malfunction

It is common for property owners with a stacked washer and dryer system to believe that their dryer is leaking when in fact, it is the washer that is causing the leak. Washing machine leaks can be caused when the stacked washer and dryer are not level.

A stacked washer and dryer can also cause water damage when the washer has a faulty connection to the dryer or plumbing piping.

Dryer leaking water cause #2 - A damaged seal on the dryer door

A dryer drum can't correctly dry clothes if not sealed well around the dryer door. A dryer leak is often caused when a dryer has a damaged dryer door seal.

Dryer leaking water cause #3 - Blocked vent pipe

A dryer works by heating air and directing it into your dryer drum where your clothes are. The heated air absorbs moisture from the load and then leaves through a vent pipe. The vent pipe is designed to help a dryer breathe by directing the dry air through a dryer vent and out of your home. 

The airflow will be restricted when the vent pipe connected to your dryer becomes blocked with lint buildup. When the airflow is restricted, the dryer will not expel heated air causing moist air to collect and condense inside the dryer.

If the airflow in your vent pipe is being blocked, you should consider calling the professionals at SERVPRO to come and clear out your duct vent pipe and clean up any standing water damage.

Dryer leaking water cause #4 - Defective vent cover

A dryer vent cover is what helps dryer vent air escape your home and keep rain, animals, and leaves from entering the vent pipe. However, when the cover becomes defective, it may allow rainwater to enter the ventilation pipe and cause a water leak.

A quick inspection is the best way to check if the vent cover is defective. If you notice that the vent cover is defective, you should replace it.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed learning about dryer water leaks and their common causes. We understand how much stress and time will affect a homeowner's normal routine when their property has water damage. Our professionals want to help; we can make the disastrous situation easier to bear by quickly responding and drying out any standing water.

Our professionals at SERVPRO of South Cobb will come to your water-damaged property equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and several restoration drying techniques taught by the IICRC. There is no water damage disaster that we can't dry out and restore to its pre-disaster condition.

Contact us today for 24/7 emergency services or more information.

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