Fire Damage Photo Gallery


What is Flammable in Your South Cobb Home?

While we know that fire can easily spread through household objects, but it's more important to know what exactly these items are. We need to keep flammable objects away from outlets and fireplaces.

Window Board up

Home Board-Up Services in Mableton

After a fire, there is still part of the house that can be saved. Our SERVPRO professionals know that it is important to board up windows to protect the home from other outside elements. 

Tile soot

Soot Cleaning in Cascade Heights

After a fire happens in a home there is always going to be a black residue that is left behind. That residue is known as soot. Soot particulates rapidly degrade all surfaces, including fabrics, upholstery, porous drywall, metals, and even glass.

House Fire

House Fire in Austell Georgia

The house fire in Austell Georgia looked like a scene out of a movie. What happened was that a wall-heating unit caught a couch on fire and set part of the house on fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire damage. 

Fire & Smoke Damage--Cascade Heights

Fire damage is often not the most challenging harm to overcome in a house in Cascade Heights. Smoke, the noxious odors and the residue that coats all surfaces of a home require immediate and professional attention from a qualified company like SERVPRO. We can help since we are only a phone call away.

Atlanta Unit Needs Fire Damage Cleanup

Homeowners and renters are often distraught when confronted with a burnt mess that destroyed furnishings and personal belongings. SERVPRO can mitigate the odors from permeating through the entire building. Discarding the non-salvageable elements, a thorough wipe down and cleaning, all lead to the occupants feeling better about this kind of incident. Count on us to help and relieve your stress.